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    Moving from Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c and using Multi-Tenant with Oracle eBusiness Suite?

    Dafydd Griffith

      All of our test and development environments use Net Apps for back up. Each instance is backed up as a snapshot which takes care of the database and the EBS filesystem.


      We're about to move to Oracle 12c and are looking at the features of multi-tenant databases, containers, pluggables, that sort of thing. There seems to be many benefits in using such a structure but we're unsure as to whether this is the best approach for Oracle eBusiness suite instances?


      Does anyone on here have experience of using NetApps/snapshot with multi-tenant Oracle eBusiness suite databases?


      Is it even possible?


      Is it worthwhile?


      What should I look at? (I've already asked a similar question on the NetApps website)