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    Need form personalization for Operating Unit Specific Purchase Order Numbering


      We have 5 operating units and and every operating unit Have same PO numbers So we decided to add OU initials to at the front of the PO number to identify which PO Number belongs to which OU. We are trying to do this using form personalization problem we are facing is PO number is generated after we save the Purchase order which overwrites the form personalization. can anybody please help in this..Below is the definition of the form personalization



      trigger event:WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE

      Trigger object:PO_HEADERS.SEGMENT1

      condition: ${item.po_headers.segment1.value} is not null and ${item.po_headers.segment1.value} not like 'L%'





      Launguage: all

      Object Type: Item

      Target Object:PO_HEADERS.SEGMENT1

      Property Name: Value

      Value:=select 'L'||${item.po_headers.segment1.value} from dual


      'L' Which I am trying to append to PO number is OU initial to differentiate .