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    4.0.3 : Set custom auto refresh timer on Report




      I am using SQL Dev Win 7 with JDK 7u80.


      I just find out now the auto refresh in report does not bring SQL Dev into the focus anymore, like it used to be in 3.1EA2: Automatic refreshing of report brings SQL Dev to front.

      This is a very good improvement as people won't be annoyed / surprised while they are in the middle of doing something elsewhere and SQL Dev silently in the background do the refresh.


      My question is, how can I set custom refresh timer other than now available at SQL Dev?

      For example : I would like set it to 600 seconds (a.k.a 10 minutes refresh).

      Report auto refresh timer.jpg

      Currently, the maximum timer is : 120 seconds / 2 mins.





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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Sorry, that is not configurable by the user.  Such ComboBox elements get populated directly in the Java code, and several different ComboBoxes on toolbars are populated with the same values, for example, Monitor SQL , Monitor Sessions.  Probably running the report on-demand with the Refresh = 0 setting was deemed adequate for those cases not covered by the list of values.