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    .Net Driver and Using Oracle DB with Entity Framework


      There seems to be a blatant issue when using Entity Framework and Oracle DBs in that any stored procedure that uses a ref_cursor as an output you have to manually define the properties of that ref_cursor in the app.config file. This just seems ridiculous, the following webpage:




      Describes a fairly easy process of going into server explorer and running the stored proc and then attaching the output ref cursor's parameters to config but when I try and do this I can only run procedures that don't output ref_cursors as any proc with an output as a ref_cursor I click on run and it does nothing.


      Regardless if I even get this working I:


      A) Don't want to manually type out the mapping for each ref_cursor I use

      B) Don't want to put them all in app.config as that would be a ridiculous mess for even a sensible number of procedures


      It just seems like this tool isn't really a "tool" at all....