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    Purchase Order in US dollars



      Today in version 12.1.3 Oracle EBS application we have several purchase orders listed in US dollars, so when the dollar 's adjustment , we have to change the value on the purchase order as the value of the dollar billed the day, so we delay the release process and later payment , for all Purchase Orders need to be adjusted .
      As this adjustment is made ?
      ORACLE have some integration with legacy which updates the dollar the day?

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          This is not the standard way of doing it. What you are talking about is captured as part of exchange rate variance in the exchange rate gain and exchange rate loss accounts.


          You don't change PO to reflect dollar value every time you receive the invoice. This is not the correct process.

          Hope this helps.




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            Assuming that your ledger currency is not USD, and also assuming that you maintain GL Daily Rates, all you need to do is capture the exchange date and conversion rate when you enter the PO. It is a common practice to have these defaulted to the PO Date and "Corporate". Similarly, you can capture the exchange rate/date while entering invoices. From there, Oracle handles the exchange rate differences through exchange rate accounts.

            You can load exchange rates from a legacy system to Oracle using GL Daily Rates Interface.