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    Bi publisher 11g - Pivot table issue with Measure labels

    Gaurav Pandya

      Hi All,


      I am facing weird issue in BI publisher 11g. I have analysis created in Answers and creating BI publisher report based on that to apply more formatting and all.

      Here is the issue -

      in Answers while working with pivot table, we can easily move measure labels (from columns) to rows, so that report will be vertical instead of progressing horizontal.





      When I go to BI publisher and try to create layout using Data table Or Pivot Or Repeating section etc.. I am unable to make above mentioned setup.

      In Pivot, Measure Labels are not movable, Hence report will expand horizonatally and not vertically (as shown above in answer output).


      Can anybody suggest what can be done to achieve similar layout in BI publisher? Any pointers towards this will be highly appreciated.


      P.S. The reason why users are asking BIP report is - it gives pixel perfect output with additional formatting