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    APEX and BPEL ?


      Can anyone offer any advise regarding the use of APEX and BPEL together ? I am trying to use it to tie APEX apps (used as e-forms) into the Content Services part of Oracle Collaboration Suite (i.e. Oracle Files as was).

      I am thinking of a BPEL process which just SELECTS data which is maintainted by an APEX app (possibly via a PL/SQL function wrapped as a web service.) and then calls another process of some kind to create a 'document' which can be stored in the OCS.

      Does anyone have any ideas or has done it before ?

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          Dimitri Gielis
          Hi Jules,

          I just saw another post with a same question about running a BPEL process from inside APEX. Did you come any further with your integration? Maybe that will help the other person too.

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            there are some thing may be used for you .
            it use web services to integration apex and bpel.
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              The difficulty in this scenario is that you're going to integrate a data-centric application, APEX, with a data-centric process-handling technology, BPEL. In this case you will feed data from the database, fetched with APEX, back into a bpel process that inserts the data in the database.

              The surplus of BPEL is the orchestration part to handle a process flow from A to Z, which can't be handled easily by APEX without a lot of manual work.

              How is APEX going to handle hierarchical data that needs to be fed into your bpel process. Still a lot of architectural questions that need to handled, which is the case for each scenario of course ;o)

              Kind regards,