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    Full-Text Search


      I am using the Oracle-specific orardf:textContains SPARQL FILTER function to perform full-text searches on the MDSYS.RDF_VALUE$ table.


      Following the Spatial and Graph RDF Semantic Graph Developer's Guide 12c to create the index:


      EXECUTE SEM_APIS.ADD_DATATYPE_INDEX('http://xmlns.oracle.com/rdf/text');


      It works as expected but I would like to be able to perform "accent-insensitive" searches. I found that when creating the index with "CREATE INDEX", a custom lexer can be passed in parameters. Something like that:


      CTX_DDL.create_preference( 'my_lexer', 'BASIC_LEXER');
      CTX_DDL.set_attribute('my_lexer', 'BASE_LETTER', 'true');
      CTX_DDL.set_attribute('my_lexer', 'OVERRIDE_BASE_LETTER', 'true');
      CREATE INDEX my_index on TABLE (COLUMN)
        indextype is ctxsys.context
        parameters ( 'LEXER my_lexer' );


      I cannot figure out how to achieve the same result when creating the index with "SEM_APIS.ADD_DATATYPE_INDEX". Is it possible?

      Thank you