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    Migrating BIP jobs/outputs to new installation

    Adam Wickes

      Hi all,


      I am currently performing a migration from one server to another and am currently tackling how I can migrate the 100+ BIP schedules and the report outputs to the new installation.

      After performing a new install on fresh schemas, I used WLS > services > data sources to point both the BIP and MDS functions back to our old database which stores information about the BIP jobs and outputs.

      Unfortunately, the xmlpserver is still showing a blank job history as well as a blank output history.


      On a side note, can anybody tell me where "saved" outputs are stored? File directory, database? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.


      I have contacted Oracle regarding the migration of jobs and they have stated it's not possible yet but I really hope that the outputs can be migrated as the business don't want to lose their output history.



      Kind regards,