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    Failed to create CFBundleRef (OracleCalendarSDK.bundle).

      I am getting this error on Mac OS with Calendar SDK

      Failed to create CFBundleRef (OracleCalendarSDK.bundle).
      Bus error

      Any pointer?

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          From the documentation.


          Set the runtime library path to include the directory that contains the libraries. For example, if the Oracle Calendar SDK library (for example, libcapi.so) is installed in the subdirectory pkg/capi of your home directory, set the runtime library path as follows:

          setenv DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH":"$HOME"/pkg/capi/lib"

          The Oracle Calendar SDK functions are in a shared library named OracleCalendarSDK. This version of the library depends on other shared libraries that are also in the package's lib directory. These libraries must all be accessible by your Oracle Calendar SDK application both at link time and run time.

          The Oracle Calendar SDK for Macintosh contains both a Carbon shared library (OracleCalendarSDK) and a Mach-O shared library libcapi.dylib. The Carbon capi library is packaged as OracleCalendarSDK.bundle, from which the OracleCalendarSDK library can be copied if you do not want to use it as a bundle. The file libcapi.dylib is a Mach-O interface to the OracleCalendarSDK library and must be able to locate the OracleCalendarSDK.bundle at runtime in order to bind with it. The file OracleCalendarSDK.bundle must be placed in the same folder as your application.

          The ACE plugins in the CFMSupport folder should be placed in either /Library/CFMSupport or ~/Library/CFMSupport (for a global or user-specific install, respectively).

          Warning: If you use other Oracle Calendar products, you may already have copies of the Oracle standard shared calendar libraries installed. Be sure not to overwrite newer versions of these libraries with older ones.

          The above doc was taken from readme_mac.html#Installation that should be with your sdk package.