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    SQL Developer 4.1.1 Hanging on Launch


      Hi, using SQL Developer 4.1.1, and the first time I unzipped it, and ran it, it came up, and was prompting me for my user id and password for my proxy, which I didn't know, and wasn't sure I needed to care about, so just caneled through that, and it came up.  Tried to get it to connect, it complained something about the jdbc driver.  So I closed out of it, and relaunched it.  Now ever launch, it gets close to the point where it shows it's almost loaded, and then just hangs right there.  I've tried to let it sit, thinking it's needing more time, and no matter how long I wait, it never gets past that point, I have to kill the app through task manager.  This is on a Windows 7 machine.  Have I done or installed something wrong??  I tried both the 4.1.1 with JDK, and without, and doesn't seem to be any difference in behavior.