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    Problem in PO approval

    Gerard Dayo

      Hi Everyone,

      Good Morning,


      Please help me, i am having a problem regarding the approval of PO.

      Secondary position of approver are always skipped upon autocreate PO approval.

      What do i need to check?




      Level /  Name /  Position

      1         Scott     =  ORA1_BUYER

      1         James  =  ORA2_BUYER

      2         John     =  ORA1_MANAGER   ---> Primary position

                                  ORA2_MANAGER   ---> Secondary position  (SKIPPED)

      3         Mark     =  ORA_DEPT_HEAD




      PO_NUMBER: 1

      (Action History)

      Scott --> John (ORA1_MANAGER) --> Mark = OK


      PO_NUMBER: 2

      (Action History)

      James --> Mark  = NOT OK  (Should proceed to John before Mark)


      Your help would be much appreciated.

      Thank you.