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    Query on populating values in Dashboard prompt

    Nikhil Juneja

      Hi All,


      Need a small help on one of the scenarios explained below:


      there is a report made up of union of 4 major FACT tables (having unique deal numbers), in the dhasboard prompt we have date range filter, deal number filter, and another filter based on currency.

      These prompts populate respective presentation variables which i have used in the filters of all UNION queries.


      Now the user has requested to display only those deal number in the prompt on the basis of date range selected. Prompt cannot be made dependant since i am using union and populating a presentation variables.


      What i am thinking of is to another section, but that would add an overhead of clicking the apply buttong twice to display the correct report. Any other alternate can anyone think of?

      Do let me know if I am unable to explain the exact scenario.