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    FDMEE - Different target options for same target application


      Hi FDMEE - Experts.


      We are running FDMEE to load data to one HFM application and are confronted with a special request from business.


      We have some Location that needs to load their data to HFM even if the Intersection Validation Report is pointing to one ore multiple errors.

      With FDMEE we just copied the TargetAdapter (changed the Intersection Validation Settings) and used for the specific Location the copied Adapter with the changed settings. (its perfect that he loads the remaining data to HFM and shows us in the LogFile the errormsg.)


      As it is not possibel within FDMEE to create a second TargetApplication Connection to an HFM Application that is already used, i would like to solve this by an EventScript that changes the "Check Intersection" for specific Location's.


      Could someone give me a hint on whats the correct function i need to call in the script to change the "YES" to a "NO"? And if the Event: "BefProcMap" would be the right one to use?


      I would like to make it as easy as possibel.





      thx to all