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    AME and purchase requisition



      I need an advice.

      I have problem with updating of purchase requisition that have status in Process.

      We have approval process behind a purchase requisition.

      - user creates a PR

      - then the PR is approved

      - AME: PR approval process begins

      - Buyer  gets the first notification (according a PR line buyer attribute)

      - This buyer can open the PR form from the notification and can do some updates on the PR form. The PR has status In Process. The form can't be open directly from application.


      This standard process works but when buyer wants to share his worklist with another buyer then a new buyer has access to his notifications and can approve it but he can't do any update on the PR form.

      He get error:

      APP-PO-14694 Cause: You have tried to update a document that is currently not updateable.


      I was looking some explanation how the security works for this case but I wasn't successful.

      From my point of view  AME and PR has some common security that allows to update a PR form only for buyer that is owner of the notification.

      I would like to get more technical details about this security.


      Thank you

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          ;) ApPsMasTi ;)

          please see it this can help you


          What is the System Behavior when Submitting a Purchase Requisition for Approval and No Rule Applies in AME? (Doc ID 1599475.1)




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            Hello ApPsMaSti,

            I read the document and I have one additional question.

            What can be considered for applied rule?

            Is it a rule that was chosen according conditions but wasn't performed yet or is it a rule that was chosen according conditions and was already performed?


            When I was checking some setting under document types I found attribute "Approver can modify".

            Is an approver mentioned also like a notification owner? When approver has been sharing his worklist then grantee doesn't get ownership of his notifications.

            Can we presume that notification owner is same person as an approver?

            I suppose that answer is yes and that user must become an owner of the notification to be able update a PR form.