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    Viewing other peoples calendar

      I recently upgraded from Outlook XP to Outlook 2003. Everything seemed okay until I tried to view a co-workers calendar and I get the following error:

      "Unable to display folder. Your profile is not configured to support this operation for this user."

      This worked previously with Outlook XP. I also tried using the File -- Open -- Open Other User's folder, but that is grayed out from my menu. I also do not have the options to go in and change any of my settings. When I select Tools -- Options, all of the parameters are shaded out and can't be changed.

      Any suggestions?
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          It sounds to me like your OCFO/Outlook profile might be corrupted. Try creating a new OCFO profile on the client machine.
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            I'm wondering if you've had any luck. I'm seeing the same problem.

            After removing OCFO from a user's computer ( and attempting a fresh install of I get a message box saying: This will preform an upgrade of "".

            I had to pull all references to "oracle connector" from the registry before I could do an install and not an upgrade, yet these users are all seeing the same problem (unable to open other user's calendars). Also, I noticed that the oracle connector tab was missing from Outlook options.

            We've had this problem quite a few times, and usually we wipe the machine and start over, but this time it's not an option.
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              I would also like to add that I did try creating a new Outlook profile, and that didn't work.
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                I just had these same problem with a user, not being able to open shared calendars and having the "File menu -> Open -> Open Other User's Folder" being grayed out. Here is how I fixed it...

                Open Outlook
                From the Help menu, select "About MS Outlook"
                Click the "Disabled Items..." button
                Select any disabled items from the list and click "Enable".
                Restart Outlook