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    Can you pass a report query to a variable in OBIEE column formula


      Hi All,


      I have a requirement to convert the BO report to OBIEE, In BO they built a query for a BO report based on the filters and prompts, Such that the BO user selected a single column value from the query and passed to a variable in BO.

      But in OBIEE I am unable to do that please let me know your inputs, Where it is feasible in OBIEE or not.


      My question is I have to create 7 dummy columns in analytics only. Where in the edit formula I need to write a query based on the variables, Where each variable is passed with a query generated by the report.

      means as soon as the logical query is built that is been passed to a variable and its been used in edit formula, How will you achieve that in OBIEE.




      select ename, empno, deptno from emp where ename='smith'; where from the result set I will pass the ename to a variable1

      select ename, empno, deptno from emp where empno='123'; where from the result set I will pass the ename to a variable2


      then after generating the following query I will select the ename from the above result of the query with respect to the filter condition smith and empno=123 pass to a variable1 and variable2.  


      Here in the Edit formula-->sum(report query1 passed to a variable1) where (report query2 passed to a variable2 and followed by condition,.....)


      Note: It should not be passed through filter only in the edit formula the following report+Variable should be passed, how will you do this.


      please help me.