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      Hi Guys,


      Can we specify Outer Joins in the Physical layer? It will be allow to do it manually in the expression box of physical layer



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          The outer joins can be specified in the BMM layer while creating the complex joins.



          Akansh Agarwal

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            HI Akansh,


            Yeah that's right but is there any possibility we can give outer joins in the Physical Layer


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              Gianni Ceresa


              This is the question: why are you looking for an outer join in the physical layer?

              In the physical layer you define how things are physically related to each other.


              The concept of inner, left outer, right outer or full outer join is a business meaning. You need an outer join because the business meaning of your data would be different with an inner join.

              So the tool ask you to define the kind of join in the BMM, and it's a good thing as you can use the same rule (the physical link) once as outer and once as inner just because it's right or wrong, they both mean different things !

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                Hi Gianni,


                I faced one interview they were ask me can we give the  outer joins in the Physical Layer, I told them we can give it in BMM layer but I am not sure in Physical layer, that's why I am checking with you!!


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                  Christian Berg

                  Would have been interesting to check THEIR knowledge since there are actually ways to get an outer join into the physical layer...

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                    What are the ways to get outer join in physical layer then?

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                      Christian Berg

                      Opaque views and join hints. But I am being obnoxious as I love to do when such questions come and people try to be smug and saying "Oh no your response is incorrect - you can't do outer joins in the physical layer". So slap and bang.

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                        As a fresher, I had some doubts and I am asking it. I never said "Oh no your response is incorrect". So you dont have to slap and bang

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                          Christian Berg

                          You misunderstood me, not you. The smug interviewer who has canned responses on his paper!