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    FDMEE Mapping advice


      How can I merge two different extracts in fdmee and map it accordingly to HFM.


      For example if I have an extract with the member DeptID and I have another extract that has basically two columns that are DeptId and the corresponding CostCenter that DeptID linked to. I want to be able to import that relationship into the staging table/extract in fdmee and export to HFM. Is it possible and can anyone help me with the steps to do this in FDMEE.

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          You saying that you have 2 different Source files.


          Then register each as an independent source with unique Import Format and Location then create a Data Load Rule for each and run each independently.


          In the Import format for one1 you map DeptID to the proper dim

          DeptID  >   Entity


          in the second import format you can merge/concatenate the two columns and map to proper dim by having two rows to same dim

          DeptID  >   Entity

          CostCenter >  Entity



          Hope this make sense and answers your question.

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            Your second file just sounds like a mapping file. If your first file contains all the data you don't need the second file, just create a mapping in FDMEE that translates the DeptID value to the correct Cost Center using the information you have in the second file. Then simply load the first file and all the mappings should be in place.

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