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    APEX 5 report highlight hover (classic vs IR)

    Scott Wesley

      (this was originally going to be a question, but rubber ducking this solved my problem. I thought I'd post it anyway to help future readers, since I pretty much finished writing it).


      Consider a report with some buttons that will highlight the row when clicked.




      I've done this using dynamic action on click of anchor in report



      Where the class is defined

      .master,.master:hover { background-color: lightblue !important;}


      For interactive reports there is no problem, it works as desired.

      For classic reports the important background colour in vita.css overrides my class when the mouse hovers the record. I tried setting the existing class to inherit, to find the same suggestion already for theme 24, but it doesn't solve the problem


      I thought it would be nice to have a template option to disable row highlighting, since it's seems to be a common task. Turns out the option exists already under the classic report attributes and I initially missed it.


      Another win for the APEX 5 dev team.