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    How to connect EBS database from GUI Tool



      I have some work on EBS R12.2 database so trying to connect from a GUI tool but unable to connect.

      I am connecting Oracle GUI(Tool to connect database) to EBS R12.2 database to create a custom table and insert values. I am passing these values corresponding to fields in Oracle GUI tool.

      Host Address: My EBS server's IP

      Username: SYSTEM or APPS

      Password: MANAGER or APPS

      Port: 1521

      SID: EBSDB


      and trying to connect but I am not able to connect.


      However I have connected my server via Putty tool and accessing its database by typing sqlplus.But also I have requirement to create table and insert values using any GUI tool but not able to connect.


      Please reply if anyone has connected his EBS  R12 database from any GUI tool.