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    Error on Server ORACLE VDI


      First I want to apologize for my English (I am using a translator)

      I need help in my Oracle VDI: Recently I was asked to create a new 'pool' with 20 people ...

      Right now, we are suffering the consequences, daytime users have faults with their virtual machines (operating systems are turned off completely, passing an estimated 5 minutes users access to the operating system again)

      Sometimes critical flaws in Oracle VDI occur, for which we must restart the virtualization servers. this problem is being presented almost daily. I think it may be for the creation of new user POOL.

      What follows are some lines of LOG's file I displayed several times.

      11:37:22 srvvdi2 kiosk November 4: VDA [24282]: [ID 702911 user.error] / opt / SUNWuttsc / bin / uttsc exited with error code 1 - exiting

      11:38:51 srvvdi2 utparalleld November 4 [2140]: [ID 218736 daemon.error] / opt / SUNWut / lib / utparalleld: lost connection Device Manager

      November 4 11:27:13 srvvdi2 cocoa: VDA [1959]: [ID 702911 daemon.warning] com.sun.vda.service.client.StartDesktop.isUsableDesktop: Error preparing desktop 'CJ_VDI2_R4_210' for use: Not suitable hosts to start Desktop Desktop Provider for srvvdi2.mydomain.com

      November 4 11:27:11 srvvdi2 com.sun.vda.service.api.ServiceException: No suitable hosts to start a desktop for Desktop Provider srvvdi2.mydomain.com

      Critical error VDI ORACLE showing me is as follows:

      Critical. The desktop provider can not serve any desktops. Check hosts and storages.


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          Can you give us a bit more detail please...


          1) What version of Oracle VDI?

          2) What type of desktop provider are you using?

          3) What is the output of vda-center status

          4) What servers are involved here,  can see srvvdi2 is mentioned as both the actual server name AND the name of the desktop provider, is this a combination VDI / Sun Ray / VirtualBox host?

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            Thanks for your answers


            1) What version of Oracle VDI?

            Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.3.1 (Build 17)

            2) What type of desktop provider are you using?

              Oracle VDI System: Solaris

            3) What is the output of VDA-center status

            srvvdi1 root @ # / opt / SUNWvda / sbin / vda-center status
            VDI srvvdi1 Up Up Database Replication
            Up Up srvvdi2 VDI Database

            2 host (s) in center.

            4) What servers are Involved here, can see is Mentioned as srvvdi2 Both the current server name and the name of the desktop provider, is this a combination VDI / Sun Ray / VirtualBox host?

            I have two servers:


            Both servers run Oracle VDI, Sun Ray and Oracle VirtualBox

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              Yikes 3.3.1, that's old!


              Are you under support with Oracle to update it to something more modern?


              I'm guessing you're using VirtualBox if it's all running on those two boxes.


              Can we see the output of:


              1) vda provider-list

              2) vda provider-show (for each of the ones listed in the above answer)


              PS. I'm going offline now, I'll look later for replies.



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                ok, thanks


                NAME                                    TYPE                        STATUS
                srvvdi1.mydomain.com  Oracle VM VirtualBox     OK
                srvvdi2.mydomain.com  Oracle VM VirtualBox     OK
                         Microsoft Remote Desktop -

                root@srvvdi1 #







                Can I have help with the syntax of the second command?

                commenting on Monday afternoon, the servers had problems, most of the virtual machines could not start

                Users had the error "available desktop" and could not connect, so I had to immediately restart both servers, after that users could connect again although rather slowly

                We sincerely thank you for your cooperation as well as the time spent


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                  VDI 3.3.1 is out of support now.  The ideal thing to do is to upgrade to the latest, VDI 3.5.2 as known fixes are included. 


                  If you have Oracle Premier Support for VDI, then you can start testing an upgrade.  You will have to upgrade from VDI 3.3.1 to 3.4.1 before going to 3.5.2




                  If you have VDI support, then you can download VDI 3.4.1 and 3.5.2.  Read all requirements before upgrading.  Backup and test before upgrading production. 


                  If you have Oracle support for any product you can view the following My Oracle Support documents.  They have one of the same error conditions you have. 

                     VDI 3.2.2 - The Connection Of Some DTUs Was Cut Off And Automatically Recovered Later.(Doc ID 1620083.1)

                    Cause ... [ID 702911 user.error] /opt/SUNWuttsc/bin/uttsc exited with error code 139 - exiting


                    Sun Ray Sessions Fail with uttsc Error Code 1 While Assigning a Printer in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Resource Pool(Doc ID 1315790.1)

                    Cause ... parameters to the uttsc application used to ... ... the noted "uttsc exit code 1 ... scripts prior to being executed by the uttsc-bin binary ...

                  If you have VDI Support, you can open a Service Request to see if there are any other workarounds but if this is a new issue no bug fixes on VDI 3.3.1 will be provided. 

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                    Hi there,


                    Which of the 3 providers you listed are you trying to run desktops on?


                    If you run "vda provider-show srvvdi1.mydomain.com" and so on for the others it might help us see.


                    What MrBrown-Oracle said above stands true also, if you have support the quickest way to resolution is to get some help on your system directly from an Oracle engineer.

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                      Thanks for your answers

                      Unfortunately our company no longer supported with Oracle or any service provider, so we can not upgrade or apply directly to Oracle.


                      These servers are responsible for running virtual machines for our users of Sun Ray

                      Since it was created the new POOL, present problems daily, and lately even have to reboot both servers because users can not enter ... At the moment we have reduced the amount of RAM of some virtuale machines, if that we are generating problems ...

                      I appreciate if they can continue to provide an answer or help .... Thank you sincerely

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                        Also I appreciate ..
                        if I can say that I can file logs view to achieve some improvement in servers

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                          What can I do,