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    SMTP adapter does not parse my XML

    Wendy Tromp
      I am learning how to work with interconnect and I am trying to get the SMTP adapter to scan my emails and use an ftp adapter to create files on my filesystem when an email arrives. Seems pretty simple to me but I cannot get it to work, because the documentation on the SMTP adapter is not really helping me.
      I assume that the adapter scans the body of the email, and in the body is XML with one tag. I created a published event for the adapter in which I specify the structure of the XML but it keeps on complaining that there is no suitable published event for the email it finds.
      The error is this;

      <SUPPL_DETAIL><![CDATA[oracle.oai.agent.common.AgentRuntimeException: There is no OAI publish or invoke message associated with this XML message: subject.  Please check to make sure that youve imported the DTD/XSD for this XML in iStudio and that youve created a publish or invoke message for this XML.  Also, make sure that this XML satisfies the conditions which you have specified in iStudio for associating this XML with the publish or invoke message.
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.XMLToAOConverter.getMessageInfo(XMLToAOConverter.java:351)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.XMLToAOConverter.createMessageObjectUsingDOM(XMLToAOConverter.java:482)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.XMLToAOConverter.createMessageObjectUsingDOM(XMLToAOConverter.java:462)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.XMLToAOConverter.createMessageObject(XMLToAOConverter.java:396)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.XMLToAOConverter.createMessageObject(XMLToAOConverter.java:409)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.AgentImpl.createMessageObject(AgentImpl.java:234)
           at oracle.oai.agent.adapter.technology.TechBridge.run(TechBridge.java:705)
           at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

      the xml in the body of the email looks like this:
      <?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8' standalone = 'yes'?>
      <subject> test </subject>

      and the DTD i am loading looks like this:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!ELEMENT Subject (#PCDATA)>

      What could be the problem here?
      Can the adapter look at the subject as well as the body?
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          Babu George-Oracle
          If you are using a DTD file, please ensure that the following conditions are satisfied.
          1. The message name attribute in the D3l header should match with the business event you have modeled in iStudio.
          2. The object name in the D3l header (object attribute) should match with the business object you modeled in iStudio.
          3. The object name in the D3l header (object attribute) should match with the value in the Object Name field in “Publish Wizard – Define Application View” page

          Please design the application satisfying the above conditions.