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    Printer unable to print and printer stops printing in Oracle 12.1.3.




      Good day, just want to ask help regarding our problem. We are encountering weird problem during printing in oracle. First is during printing, our request completed normal but our printer doesn't print anything, We check on the OS side and no problem were encountered. No problem was found on the application side also. And also another problem we encountered during printing is that printer stops printing without any error encountered or any problem . And also it takes multiple submission on the concurrent request to be able to print an output in the printer.


      Is this a bug or a problem with the OS side in oracle?

      Is there anything to be done to the configuration file of printer?

      Is this an issue in the application side?


      We cannot determine the issue and these are only the information we can provide on the issue we are experiencing when we upgraded to Oracle 12.1.3.


      Note: This problem we encountered don't occur in R11 but when we upgraded to Oracle 12.1.3 this problem showed up.


      Thank you very much.