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    Audit Trail setup question on AUDIT_TRANSACTION_TYPE


      We are using Oracle Audit Trail to audit multiple Oracle ERP tables (i.e. ap_invoice_lines_all_a). We have a question on the AUDIT_TRANSACTION_TYPEs.

      Is it possible to NOT capture the "I" Insert audit transactions in the audit table, and only capture the "U" Update and "D" Delete transaction types?

      There is concern of the audit table's size, and limiting data captured to only "U" and "D" would significatly decrease the number of rows captured.


      Pasted from <https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18727_01/doc.121/e12843/T156458T156462.htm>

      • AUDIT_TRANSACTION_TYPE (I for Insert, U for Update, D for Delete, L for Last, and C for Current).