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    Need help in form personalization to assignment multiple values


      Dear all,


      I have a requirement as below .


      I have a query as below


        select * from table (xxdpe_mfgpart_details('6361')) ;


      which is returning results as below



      I have to populate this information in my oracle form through form personalization


      in form I have below two fields




      so for a specific inventory id it should display all the values one by one.


      I tried by assigning the block field with the return value it is saying query should written one rwo and one column , please help me out how I can display the results in the form.




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          Kr. Ravish

          Hi Deb,


          What type of field it is?

          If it is a single row field then you cannot store multiple value in it.

          However, You can show all the values using some separate like "," so it will display like abc,aaa,aass. You can use aggregate function to achieve it.


          If it is a multirow field then you have to find the unique identifier for each row and have to join the same in the query to get a value.




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            I think you could default the fields individually, but only for one record. So you build a personalization on manufacturer_name fetching the manufacturer_name based on the inventory_item_id, etc.

            But you would not be able to populate a multi-record block that way, only the current record you are in.


            But do you have more explanation on what you are trying to achieve, because it seems the data you already have in xxdpe_mfgpart_details you want to populate somewhere else? Either that somewhere else is a standard Oracle eBS entity, so why not interface it to there?

            Or it's a custom form and why not build a view on your data and display that? Why do you need to populate it somewhere else?