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    EBS R12.2




      what is the difference between tier and node?


      can anyone tell me what are the most important parts I need to consider in the maintainanc phase?

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          tier = horizontal layers of the technology stack. eg storage, server, etc

          node = servers that operate independently.

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            Pay an attention to Sharing The Application Tier File System in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1375769.1)

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              From SunTone Architecture Methodology:


              "Tiers describe how a distributed application is decomposed into modules to reduce the coupling and improve the system flexibility.

              This permits each tier to be modified or enhanced without affecting other tiers."


              A tier can be logical or physical organization of components into an ordered chain of service providers and consumers.

              Components within a tier typically consume the services of those in an “adjacent” provider tier and provide services to one or more “adjacent” consumer tiers.