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    Retrieving Arrays from the SAP Adapter to BPEL

      Hello. I need to retrieve array of elements from the SAP Adapter to Oracle BPEL PM. There is some examples or tips that I can follow ?!

      Thanks in advance.
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          SAP Adapter (of Oracle AS Adapters can't talk to BPEL for outcome from SAP (see my note in Adapters forum: SAP Adapter Installation

          So you'll need to use InterConnect.

          Or there is another way.
          Write your own BAPI in SAP that check if there is new information in SAP to publish to BPEL and if there is some new information, return arrays of information as out parameters.
          Such BAPI you can periodically call from BPEL.
          If there'll be any new information to get from SAP, you'll get it in out parameter