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    Can clicking F5 in one SQL Developer worksheet cause a compile attempt on another worksheet?


      I had a worksheet with procedure ddl open for reference and was not editing the code. The worksheet was connected to our QA database. I had another worksheet open with function code - this one connected to our Dev server. When I used F5 to compile the function on Dev, I got a compile error referencing the procedure on QA. I repeated the process a few times with much grumbling to my cube-mate. Finally I shut down SQL developer, restarted, and all was good.


      The next morning we discovered that the QA procedure had become uncompiled, which caused a failure in another system's UAT testing (ugh). The procedure recompiled with no errors.


      Is it even possible that clicking F5 when on a worksheet connected to one database, would cause SQL Developer 3.2 to attempt to compile a ddl on another worksheet, connected to another database? I was logged in to both dbs, so there wouldn't have been any permissions problems. I may be overstressing SQL Developer - I commonly work with several (okay many) worksheets open. Different worksheets can be connected to different data sources. Plus I'll switch data source on a worksheet to test values in the different systems.


      Thank you for sharing your knowledge.