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    ServicedComponent(COM+) SQLServer and Oracle10g Issue

      Hi everyone,

      I am facing little problem with Enterprize Services in .NET 1.1. I am doing simple thing. I have written a class which inherits ServicedComponent. it has 2 methods. InsertDb1 and InsertDb2. one inserts record in SQLServer and another Inserts record in Oracle10g using ODP.NET.

      Problem is , if i call this class from windows application it works perfectly fine. but if i do the same thing with Web application it does not.
      <Identity > tag in web.config is set to true.
      both functions seems to do inserts peoperly , but i believe Oracle Resource Manager does not signal to commit the transaction.
      When i query SQLServer it shows me the inserted record. but when i query Oracle table it show me following error.
      ORA-01591: lock held by in-doubt distributed transaction 3.27.2037
      Also Component Services Monitor>>: DTC:>> Transaction List :>> show this message --> MyComPlusClassLib.Account (Only Failed to Notify)

      Any Clues... what needs to be done extra while calling from webforms.?
      [ if required i can post sample code ]


      ALSO: I had posted this to Microsoft. Their Answer is as below.

      "I recommend contacting Oracle to ask for this problem. From your description it looks like their DTC resource manager went away before MSDTC was able to issue the Commit."