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    ORA-19279: XQuery dynamic type mismatch:expected singleton sequence-multi-

      We have some XML data files with some recurring elements in them, we are trying to pull them from an XMLTYPE table using the code below.

      SELECT X.*
      FROM TMP_XML P2,
      XMLTable ( '//P//IdSegment'
      PASSING P2.object_value
      Seqno" FOR ORDINALITY,
      "ScarsMarksTattoos" varchar(30) PATH 'ScarsMarksTattoos'
      ) AS X;
      ORA-19279: XQuery dynamic type mismatch: expected singleton sequence - got
      multi-item sequence
      ---------------------------- XML DATA that was loaded into an XMLTYPE table -----------
      - <IdSegment>
      <ScarsMarksTattoos>TAT L LEG</ScarsMarksTattoos>
      <ScarsMarksTattoos>SC BREAST</ScarsMarksTattoos>
      <ScarsMarksTattoos>SC ABDOM</ScarsMarksTattoos>
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