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    Importing XML DTD in


      We are attempting to import Common Data Types using DTD's and experiencing some strange behaviour.

      I have defined my DTD as detailed in the user guides.

      <!ELEMENT account (cust_account_id,account_number,attribute_category, etc ... )>
      <!ELEMENT cust_account_id (#PCDATA)>
      <!ELEMENT account_number (#PCDATA)>
      <!ELEMENT attribute_category (#PCDATA)>
      etc ...

      The import step appears to work fine and at the end of this process the CDT attributes appear as required and expected.

      If we close iStudio and reopen, then attempt to edit the CDT we encounter an issue as it appears that account belongs to account beloings to account and so on .... i.e. we seem to get into an infinite loop.

      Has anyone experienced/resolved this issue before?