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    Pidgin; Error joining chat room; 404: Item Not Found

    Abbas I -Oracle

      Hi All,


      When I try to join a room via Pidgin client on Windows, I see a box stating:


      Error joining chat chat-room-name@servername.com


      404: Item Not Found


      The room is created by one of members of my team, depending on whoever is online first, perhaps by myself.

      This happens, I think, when some people leave their client on overnight and that means the room does not disappear while I am offline.


      From the experience the only workaround is to ask all present in the room to leave and to recreate the room.

      It is not a good workaround though as you need to find out who is online at the time etc.


      Anyone knows a different workaround?

      Or at least how to avoid this?