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    OBIEE 12c - uploading RPD

    Russ Proudman

      Hey there.


      I have been working on this for days now and cannot get any success.


      I understand the difference under 12c and what's required to upload an RPD, but the real question is:


      "has anyone done this from Windows to Linux (ie: meta-data-cmd.cmd NOT meta-data-cmd.sh)


      It seems to be overwhelming as I've had to copy bits of Java (classes), played with trusted store (SSL). I've read the manuals over and over and

      so far, it simply doesn't work and I get error of: "connection error -1".


      Has anyone, anywhere seen a blog, documentation, etc. that fully shows the process via Windows. It simply doesn't work for me so far and

      there's nothing written about it so far.