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    ORDS Weblogic Authentitication and Get User Info Rest API


      Hi ,

      Currently i m developing a hybrid mobile app. using a Javascript lib. at front end and ORDS at backend.

      Following the section "Protecting Rest Services" at  REST Data Services Developers Guide , i m applying implicit flow mechanism, created a user in weblogic security realm and added that user to OAuth2 Client Developer role as described in doc. I registered my app. , gained client id. I m able to successfully get authenticated via that user and receive the access token. But app. is not aware of what user is authenticated exactly. Google provides another rest service to get user info that you can call after receiving authentication token.


      However i can not find such a Weblogic Rest Api to get authenticated user info like userName, userrGroup. The Document has paragraph saying "Oracle REST Data Services can use APIs provided by WebLogic and GlassFish to verify credentials (username and password) and retrieve the set of groups/roles that the user is a member of."



      So i need help, any reference document or tips are appreciated.



      I basically need authenticating users via weblogic security realm and record logged in user transactions to db.



      Ümit Sadegüzel