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    FDMEE Character Limit




      I have an issue where some of the values in my source file exceed the 75 character limit by FDMEE and I am wondering if others have had this issue and what has been done to get around it.


      The record looks like this:


      299999,Legal,17000,66,Paperwork,"Client1, Client2, Client3, Client4, Client5, Client6, Client7, Client8, Client9, Client10, Client11, Client12, Client13, Client14",100


      This data represents time worked across multiple clients.  As you can see, field 6 is a long string that represents a list of clients and it is greater than 75 characters.  We are mapping these to generic members in the application.  We currently have 8 instances of these members that exceed the 75 character limit.


      My thought was to pre-map them with the import format or a before import script.  I know many people don't like this approach but it is only a handful and I think the admin could manage this.  Are there any other options to do this.  I'm trying to avoid manually manipulating the file.