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    Audit Trail not working for HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL




      We want to enable the Audit feature in HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL TABLE .

      We Used the Audit Table and add the payment_term_id column in HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL  Auditiing.

      We ran the AuditTrail Update Tables and after that found that HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL_a shadow table for audit gets created with SITE_USE_ID as column not the PAYMENT_TERM_ID.

      When i Query the Audit Table for HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL it shows Primary check box for SITE_USE_ID and PAYMENT_TERM_ID the Primary is unchecked.

      Please assist me on this why the column PAYMENT_TERM_ID did not get created in HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL_a and only SITE_USE_ID is showing as column.