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    How to force mixed case object names in REST GET SQL service

    Olafur T


      ORDS version:

      Apex version:

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      Glassfish 4.1 Community edition


      I am trying to create a web service using method= GET  and source type= query  using object names with mixed case.  The web service is forcing my object names into lowercase.


      I know I can fix the web service by changing the source type to PL/SQL by hand and manually create it using htp.prn,  mixed case works when I do that.


      But this is a huge SQL except for the forced lower-case, works as required.



      Create a simple test web service, type GET, source type query.

      select sysdate as "currentDate" from dual


      The result will be



      and not the expected



      Is there any way to tell the engine to keep the case and not force lower case ?  apex_json is case sensitive, which makes this behavior weird.


         json   varchar2 (32767) := '{"firstName":"Olafur Tryggvason"}';
         apex_json.parse (json);
         dbms_output.put_line ('Mixed case: ' || apex_json.GET_VARCHAR2 ('firstName'));
         dbms_output.put_line ('Lowercase: ' || apex_json.GET_VARCHAR2 ('firstname'));


      Will output:

      PL/SQL block executed

      Mixed case: Olafur Tryggvason






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