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      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.2


      The  developer was tasked to register the following programs in our EBS.



      Short NameProgramDescriptionCategory
      E4AASSASSIGN_V1.00_V5E4A Asset Assignments v5Fixed Assets
      E4AASSBENCH_V1.00_V5E4A Asset Workbench v5Fixed Assets
      E4ABNKSTATRECON_V1.00_V5E4A Bank Statement And Reconciliation v5Cash Management
      E4ACESTATLINES_V1.00_V5E4A Bank Statement Lines v5Cash Management
      E4AFACOSTHIST_V1.00_V5E4A Cost History v5Fixed Assets

      I want to check it the above are completed and really exist. Can you help me how to find them or the navigation to find the programs?

      I tried system admin>concurrent> program> executables

      But there is no "find" program name option


      Please help....


      Thanks a lot,