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    Shutdown Oracle Lite


      Hello everyone,

      I'm running Oracle Database lite 10g ( on Oracle Linux 5.8 32 bit. It has been easy for me to start the process running




      But I'm not able to find a way to shut it down properly alongside the OEM, I should literally kill the process (with kill -9 <PID>)


      Did anyone have the same problem? How could I do it?


      Thanks a lot for your help

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 is no longer supported, so it is best to upgrade to either 11.3 or 12.1.


          there should be a stopmobileserver script to run.


          the how to start/stop is really dependent on what application server you are using.  These scripts are just shells around that.




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            Hi Mike,

            upgrade to a less obsolete version would be nice and I really would like to do it but, unfortunately, this is a production environment with more than hundred users all around Europe and there is no update plan.


            Kind regards,


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                     There is a patch release that would put you to   But please note that support for that ends Dec 2015, so very shortly.   While we will continue to address questions on the forum, we do not have the ability to dig into a custom situation on the forum.     The infrastructure isnt set up to do that.   I would strongly encourage you to look into upgrading and moving to a supported version.