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    OBIEE Mobile App Designer Issues


      Dear Experts,


      We make Mobile app using essbase cube (Hyperion data).

      I have some issues regarding this product which can't solve.


      There is no filter control like in instead of it we have to use  parameter page.

      Is there any solution to have paramerter on same page as eg:pivot table?


      I can make table with max 2 columns, it shows the right data.

      With same filter and data I am unable to create charts. I have got: "No data to display" message.

      Does anybody know why?

      We made all reports in Dashboard everything works fine, but in mobile it is a nightmare.


      We filter data in rpd (Logical Table source/content/"Where clause")

      based on repository variables, but if I don't put all dimension into the filter I got "No data found" message.


      How can I debug my mobile app.

      I have got :"Error occured" message, I need a bit more details describing the errors.


      Is any way to display more than 2 columns in a table  (rotated view phone optimized)?



      Thank you in advance,