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    SQL Query2




      i/p table::
      eid fname lname
      1    raj       kumar
      2.   raj       kumar
      3    sai      kiran
      4    raj      kiran
      5    sai     kumar

      o/p table::::
      eid name   indicator     no.of times
      1    raj       first name   3
      2    sai      first name   2
      3    kumar last name   3
      4    kiran   last name   2

      Please help me with the above query.

      Thanks in advance....

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          eid name   indicator no.of times
          1raj   first name   3
          2sai  first name   2
          3kumar last name   3
          4kiran   last name   2



          That's the answer.


          How you can think people will give answers to such incomplete questions?


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            with    "i/p table"
                    eid,  fname,    lname
            as    (
                select    1,    'raj',    'kumar'
                from    DUAL union all
                select    2.,  'raj',    'kumar'
                from    DUAL union all
                select    3,    'sai',    'kiran'
                from    DUAL union all
                select    4,    'raj',    'kiran'
                from    DUAL union all
                select    5,    'sai',    'kumar'
                from    DUAL
            ,    "intermediate table"
                    name,    indicator,    "no.of times"
            as    (
                select    fname,    'first name', count(*)
                from    "i/p table"
                group by
                union all
                select    lname,    'last name',  count(*)
                from    "i/p table"
                group by
            ,    "o/p table"
                    "eid", "name", "indicator", "no.of times"
            as    (
                select    row_number() over (order by
                        case indicator when 'first name' then name end asc,
                        case indicator when 'last name'  then name end desc
                ,    o.*
                from    "intermediate table" o
            select    *
            from    "o/p table"
            order by


               eid  name   indicator  no.of times

            ---------- -----     ----------    -----------

                 1  raj        first name       3
                 2  sai       first name       2
                 3  kumar  last name        3
                 4  kiran    last name        2


            4 rows selected.


            I couldn't find any reasons, though, to use object-relational features here...