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    export for a table in SQL Server - bug


      I have SQL Developer v4.1.2 and connect to SQL server 2008 R2. I can view data in the table without any issue.


      However when I export the table (e.g. csv, insert format) by right clicking on the table name and export, I got totally wrong records in the dump file.


      Here is why:

      1. I have multiple databases in the SQL database server

      2. when I try to export a table in the first database, everything seems fine.

      3. when I export a table in a database other than the first one, I always get wrong data. As I see here, if the table name exists in the first database, I will get all the data from the first db; if not exist in the first db, I will get empty file.


      I believe the tool does not use the database name when exporting, and first database is the default database name for exporting.


      Is it a bug?