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    workflow settings after clone - how to manage


      R12.1.3 running on RHEL.


      After a clone I always have to go in and edit my workflow setting to make changes like:

      - my SMTP server name which defaults to my app server name

      - my IMAP username and password

      - the IMAP Reply-To address although this is hit or miss as sometimes it gets updated to reflect my cloned environment problem is I can't figure out how.


      I recall there being a script or something or some way to have setting get carried over from prod (or not depending on how you wanted it managed).


      I've looked at $INST_TOP/admin/install/txkWfClone.sh but it didn't seem to really do what I expected.  Is that my best option?


      I feel I may get another 'lmgtfy' link ...