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    Oracle 12c & SQL Developer 4.1.2 (Windows 8.1): Problems creating user



      • installing Oracle 12c
      • unzipping SQL Development 4.1.2
      • clicking "sqldeveloper.exe"

      ...I am able to successfully create a new connection:


      Next, I'm supposed to create a new user. (Just fyi: This is taken from an old assignment which I finally completed using MS SQL Server. But I'm still puzzled about what I did wrong here...) My instructions tell me to execute the following command first (as far as I can tell to create the user in the respective container):


      Problem: After successfully executing this command, any further action involving the connection results in the following error message:


      After spending hours reinstalling Oracle and trying different things (inspired from manuals and online forums) that never significantly improved the situation, any kind of help is highly appreciated!