Responsibility not visible to the user in the list of responsibilities assigned to the user

Maya Das

    Hi All,


    i am not able to view the responsibility assigned to the user


    i have tried below but to no avail:


    Run the request ” Syn responsibility role data into the WF table”.

    Run the request ” Synchronize WF LOCAL tables” enter the parameters- Orig System: ALL- Parallel Process:0- Logging Mode: LOGGING (Logging Activated)- Temporary Tablespace : Blank- Riase Errors: Yes

    Run the request “Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation” enter the parameters- p_BatchSize:10000- Fix dangling user/roles : Yes- Add missing user/role assignments : Yes- Update WHO columns in WF tables: Yes


    logged off and logged in.. but still i am not able to view, please help me with this