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    Schedule concurrent program with 2 date parameters, one constant for the month and other increment every day


      Could someone help with scheduling the concurrent program please?


      I have a request set where in one program I have two date columns.

      1. I need last sunday of the month ( Using SQL - select trunc(next_day(last_day(sysdate)-7, 'Sunday')) from dual)

      2. Sysdate (Using SQL - select trunc(sysdate) from dual)



      Problem is if I tick the increment flag while requesting, both dates are incremented. If I do not tick the increment, parameter 1 is fine (may be for this month) but parameter 2 is constant as the day of submission.

      For e.g: P1 stays as 29-Nov-2015 and P2 stays as 20-Nov-2015 (I submitted on 20th)