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    Oracle Form Personalization EBS-R12 - Dont allow Update in Quantity Field

    Arun Thomas

      Hi Friends,


      I have a requirement:


      1. Do not allow update in the Quantity field.

      2. when user click on save or go to another field, show a pop-up message "Update not allowed here"



      well I tried "WHEN VALIDATE ITEM"

          - this will not be suitable for my requirement because quantity field is there in all the tabs Pricing , Shipping, Addresses , Returns , service and Others tabs has Quantity Field.

      so I am using 'WHEN VALIDATE RECORD' this is ok right now.


      so please help me

        - how to find if a field (in my case its Quantity (Qty field in Pricing, Shipping, Addresses , Returns , service and Others tabs)). is changed or not.

        - while saving we should pop up the message and bring back the OLD quantity back to the field.



      I am not sure how to bring back the old quantity back to the filed.


      Please help