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    Export Mapped Files to Excel


      We are considering using Planning for a certain set of data, however before setting up the application we need to do some data clean up.  What I would like to do is develop mappings for data, transform it through FDQM and then rather than load to Planning, export the transformed data to Excel.


      As a simple example, say I have two columns of data, one being a description and the other values, and say the descriptions are A & B with values of 1 & 2 respectively.  I would like to map A & B to C.  When I load the file from Excel it is transformed and exported with C as the description and a value of 3.


      The issue is that we have 1) a lot of quality issues in the data set and 2) we have limited resources.  If I cannot show proof of concept, then I probably don't get the resources.  My hope was to use FDQM in cleaning up the data and then showing proof of concept.  Once we got the go ahead there, I create a Planning database and simply use the same maps we had been working with to clean the dataset.


      Thank you for any suggestions the community may have!