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    Contracts Implementation - Inputs and Suggestions.


      Dear Gurus,


      Would be keen to know your point of view on the possibility of some aspects related to the Contracts Implementation initiative for my customer.


      Please let me know your thought process on the below areas:


      1. a) In Repository Contracts (Contracts Core), there is no referential possibility to a Purchase Order. It is required that we have a searchable linking of PO in BWC to the Repository Contract, below are assumptions of the customer and current work done.
        1. With no standard integration, we have enabled a DFF in Contracts headers to fetch the list of all Approved PO’s – Challenge: DFF’s are Not searchable
        2. The Source Document type and Source Document Reference are free text fields which can be used – Challenge: Customer insists on having the ability to search and select a PO to be associated with the Contract
        3. We explored the option of Related Contracts – But reference inside a related contract tab are to other Repository contracts and not a PO/BPA – Any customization suggestions here are welcome
        4. We suggested the alternative of keyword search, customer declined.
      2. b) The customer wants to know the best practices of using the convention for Contract Number and Contract Name in the Repository contracts.
      3. c) Customer wants to know the possibility of automatic numbering (Open to customization) preferably defaulted from the DFF which we enabled to fetch the PO number. This will also ensure that the Contract can be searched using a PO number.
      4. d) The Customer is also keen to know about best practices in Section and Clause naming standards for contracts and any of your experiences learnings will help us around this.


      Please let us know your inputs which you may have gathered from similar experiences of implementing “Contracts”. I would like to make an emphasis to the point, we are not implementing Procurement contracts, once again as its easier to drift in that direction of thought.


      Any documentation related to implementation of core contracts like solution design/ meeting minutes with discussion points will greatly help us.